Public Address System

We customize the IP Public Address System for announcements and emergency voice evacuation as per the requirement of the installation. The IP Public Address System comprises of ceiling / wall mounted speakers, amplifiers, mixers, system consoles etc. The Ip Public Address System is integrated with the Fire Alarm System through necessary interfaces. Select the speakers for its designated use and the specific area of installation based upon our large experience of designing.

Important Key Features

  • Multicast Receiver & Broadcasting Capability Live PA announcements. Also prerecorded, time scheduled audio message, tone, alarm and bell distribution.
  • Flexibility System size and design flexibility plus time and zones scheduling, the ability to create detailed announcement files and dynamic grouping of PA zones.
  • IP Platform The ability to connect devices anywhere on the network and RTP Transmission protocol used for delivering audio over the system.
  • Integration An integration assigns numbers of functions & systems can combined and offer seamless features. Including 3rd party software, Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Telephony etc.
  • Background Music Background music refers to a mode of musical sound for passive listening which is deliberately chosen to affect behavioral and emotional responses in humans such a concentration, relaxation, distraction, and excitement.
  • Reliability The AVC IP PA system has the added ability to monitor and interrogate the system for faults via the network, Maintain high level consistency in performance of Hardware and Software.
  • Unlimited Multi zone Dynamic grouping of IP Zones using IP PA Zones using Amplifiers, IP Speakers announcement facility. No limit of grouping can possible.
  • Bandwidth Wideband G.722 codec support HD Voice quality and seamless performance.
  • Ambient Noise Sensor Optional ambient noise sensing microphones provide Automatic Level Control (ALC) across the system.
  • SIP/SNMP Wideband G.722 codec support HD Voice quality and seamless performance.
  • Scalability Features dynamic grouping of PA zones, with no limit on the number of groups or the number of zones within a group ensuring complete system scalability.
  • Connectivity Backbone Desktop and Web based version offers stable & network based connectivity platform. It operates across a gateway of LAN and internet.

IP Amplifier

IP Video Intercom Paging Console

IP Video Intercom Terminal

IP Video Intercom Module

IP Industrial Intercom Telephone

IP Paging Micrphone

IP Intercom Terminnal

IP Audio Spekar

IP Horn Spekar

AVC 9000 Web Based Software package

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