Parking Guidance System


Parking Guidance System

The Parking Guidance system quickly and easily guides parkers to vacant bays using a combination of signs and bay indicators. Once the customer reaches an aisle with bays available, they will be able to easily identify the vacant bays at a glance. Bay indicators are mounted on the ceiling above each space and are equipped with extra bright LED’s, indicating the status of the parking space (vacant, occupied, reserved) and its type (disabled - blue LED, parents with prams - white LED, reserved – yellow LED etc). This results in a better customer experience.


Central Controllers

Central Controller (CCU)

Central controller(CCU), the core of the whole system, is mainly responsible for the collection of parking information and data’s processing of the whole car park. Then send the feedback of the processed result to LED display to show carport information. The general Edition does not have the data storage function, thus the need to connect to the server and install the parking guidance system software.

Central Controller (ZCU)

The node controller(ZCU) is the middle layer of ultrasonic parking detector, which is to manage a group of ultrasonic detectors, detects then loops the information of the detectors and send the relevant information to central controller. One node controller can support 60 detectors in max.


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