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Our Labor Management system cuts labor costs and reduces turnover by rewarding efficiency, quality, and safety. It enhances productivity through precise performance measurement and optimizes forecasting and scheduling, ensuring seamless operations even during peak times.

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Imporatnt Key Features


Any person can be authenticated against a photograph & finger print.


Maximum no of labours per contractor can be restricted and controlled

Daily Attendance

Daily attendance with finger print authentication (optional) or BARCODE Scan


Every labour gets a badge with photograph

Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs with Our Advanced Labour Management System

Our Labor Management system has a proven track record for reducing labor costs while decreasing employee turnover by rewarding efficiency, quality and safety. Our customers optimize productivity by using our labor management software to objectively measure employee performance against pre-defined standards.

The increasing complexity of multi-channel and omni channel operations makes planning, forecasting and schedule optimization imperative in this highly volatile environment. With the forecasting and scheduling capabilities of our Labor Management system, it’s easy to analyze historical data for an accurate estimate of warehouse throughput and then schedule the right balance of overtime, regular and temporary labor required for shifting demand. Labor Management customers routinely achieve improved efficiencies, reduce overtime hours and increase customer service levels – even through seasonal fluctuations.

Benefits of Labour Management System

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