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Boost your organization’s productivity with our agile and astute time management solutions. At DAccess, we specialize in designing and developing simplified Time & Attendance Management Systems tailored to meet your business needs across various sectors including manufacturing, transport, retail, and more.

Why Choose a Time & Attendance System?

Efficient management of employee working hours is crucial for enhancing productivity and reducing organizational costs. Our Time & Attendance System offers:

Introducing DigiTimeTrack

DigiTimeTrack is our flagship time and attendance system designed to streamline your workforce management processes. With DigiTimeTrack, you can:

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Imporatnt Key Features

HR can define Contractor employee to maintain attendance system as well as their leave Policies.

Fix /Auto shift/ Rotational all these options are available in the software. Also n number of shift we can manage in this with Night shift management also.


HR can predefine various leave management rules like leave types, leave balance, leave encashment and leave accumulation rules.

You can define various types of users like Admin/ Normal User Branch wise to we can assign different authorities.


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