Beam Detector & Wireless Alarm

A Biometric Attendance System means ‘life measurement’, and it is mostly associated with security. Biometric identification has a broader relevance in terms of verification and identification of a human biometric sample.

AI Temprature Detecation Face Face Recognition Terminal


AI Dynamic Face Recognition Attendance & Access Control



Infrared Live Camera

Remote Control

Weather Adaptable

Multi-Language Support


Fast Adjustment

High Sensitivity

Beam Sensor

  • Outdoor Distance: 50m
  • Indoor Distance: 150m
  • Detection Type: Photoelectric beam detector
  • Number of Beams: 4 beams
  • Light Source: Infrared LED
  • Response Speed: 50-700m/sec

Wireless Buglar Alarm System

  • Burglar, Fire, Gas Leakage protection with digital sensors.
  • Dual-network support: PSTN wired + GSM wireless.
  • Remote control via IOS/Android App with multi-language.
  • Optional modules for zones, relays, and enhanced communication.

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