Key Management
System (KY-64F)

Introducing the KY-64F Key Management System by MARSHAL, a state-of-the-art solution combining biometric facial detection, smart card integration, and advanced security features to ensure efficient and secure key management.

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Key Management System (KY-64F)

Facial Detection & Smart Card for Access Keys

Living biometric facial detection module with Android touch keyboard & smart card integration.

Intelligent Key Management

Common keys become intelligent when fastened with a key fob. Each key is locked in place and can be defined with user time and length. Unauthorized access is restricted.

Advanced Security

Features a German 10000-time intelligent latch lock, durable double mechanical key for emergencies, global unique ID code, and alarm function integrated.

User-Friendly Interface

Lighted LCD screen for night use, touch screen intelligent key cabinet, and English & number key position display.

Backup Power

The system includes a backup battery that can work for 4 hours, ensuring no data loss even without power for an extended period.

Network Connectivity

RJ45 Ethernet interface for computer connection and data cable connection options.


Key Management System(KMS) Cabinet
Number of Key Slots64
Type of Key SlotsEM125KHz
Housing MaterialSteel, Power Coated Sheet
Operating Temperature-20℃ to 52℃
Power Requirement12V, 3.5A
Door OptionAcrylic Door
Dimension79 x 21 x 78 cm
Weight51 kg
Key Tag Frequency125 KHz
Key Tag MaterialPVC
Number of Key Tags200
Key Tag Length63.60 mm
Key Tag Ring Diameter28.50 mm
Key Tag Ring MaterialStainless Steel
Key Tag Ring Thickness1.93 mm
One-Time Security SealYes
Android Touch Screen
Card Reader Frequency125 KHz
DimensionFull 7-inch
Face RecognitionYes

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