Biometric Attendance System

AI Temprature Detecation & Face Recognition Terminal

(DAAI08T) AI Temprature Detecation & Face Recognition Terminal

Touch Screen

Body Temperature Detection

Single / Multi User Recognition

Multi Language

Access Control

Infrared Live Camera

HD Screen

Mask Detection

Enhanced Features

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

Enhances Safety

0 meter
Temperature Detection Distance
0 °C
Temperature Detection Error
0 °C
Temperature Detection Minimum Unit
Successful Recognition
Voice Broadcast for Unusual Temperature Warning

Technical Specifications


Screen 8 0 Inch, HD 800*1280, Capacitive Touch Screen
Keypad Touch keypad
Operation system LINUX 3.10
CPU.NPU 1.2G Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A7,1200G (1.2T)
Binocular camera 200W Colorful WDR+200W Infrared live camera
Logs capacity 500000
Face Registration Local operation Enroll face with machine, import user photo with U disk Software operation Import user photo to software, capture user photo with camera
Verification Dynamic face recognition, password, ID/IC card optional
Face capacity 50000
Card Capacity 50000, ID and IC Card
Password Capacity 50000
Face Recognition Accuracy 99 70%
Recognition Speed s0.2s, support single user/multi userfat most 5 users) recognition at same time
Recognition Distance 0 5-2 5 meters (0.5-1 5 meters with live face recognition on)
Prevent Photo Dual camera anti-counterfeiting, prevent recognition with photo/video
Principle of Identification Face algorithm technology of multi-task cascaded convolutional neural network based on video stream for dynamic face detection, tracking and recognition
WDR Wide dynamic range, support accurate face recognition under Strong light, dark light and backlight
USB USB2 0 x 1, Support U disk import/export data
Power supply DC 12V interface x 1
Speaker Interface Reserved for extended Speaker Interface
Network Communication TCP/IP. Support C/S LAN communication. Wifi (optional)
Shift Support shift setting and importing shift schedule with U disk
Management Software Support PC software to manage data through network connection with equipment
Access Control Function

Door unclosed alarm, forced door opening alarm, alarm linkage and output, one set of door opening signals, one set of alarm signals, time permission control, connect external access control reader,

Wiegand 26/34 Output&lnput

Environmental adaptability

Working temperature: -15’C~+45X (storage temperature-4O’C~+65‘,C) , Working humidity: 20%~90% (storage humidity 20%~90+2%) ,

Dark enviroment: LED Soft light automatic fill light (Automatic control according to ambient light)

Ambient light adaptation range: 0-50000Lux

Multi language English. Spanish, Arabic. Thai. Farsi, Portuguese. French. Italian. Japanese Korean, etc
Broadcase and ring Support display name, voice broadcase name, builtin bell ring
Automatic fill light Support infrared fill light, the white fill light automatically lights up when face is captured in dark light
Working Current stand-by current: 310mA. Working current: 520mA
OR Code Scanner Support
Working Voltage DC12V
Installation Way Standard: Wall mount, desktop stand. Optional bracket for turnstile, floor stand
Machine Dimension 265×132.6x20mm

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Multiple Installation Methods

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