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business security solution

Visitor Management System: Enhance Your Building Security

Visitor management is the process of tracking and managing guests entering and leaving the office, such as clients, suppliers, job seekers, and others who are not working there. The visitor management tool is like an office gatekeeper and helps ensure that only authorized visitors can enter the room. A practical, non-contact visitor management system is a time-consuming task for any business that monitors many human interactions. Organizations need enhanced security features for Visitor Management and Tracking System. Large enterprises have thousands of people, who visit company stakeholders for interviews, parcel deliveries, etc. Visitor Management System allows organizations track visitors on a daily basis, by ID Registrations, Visitor Approvals, Process Management, Pass or Badge Management, and Record keeping. Create a streamlined, enjoyable experience for visitors, and keep everyone safe, manage visitor’s data, and make processes more efficient for your team with DAccess Visitor Management System..

Why Visitor Management Systems are Important?

1. Manage your visitor data securely with our Visitor Management System.
Having a secure way to manage the entire visitor’s data is crucial as well as critical for any business. Technology-enabled visitor management software securely manages visitor’s information and takes care of visitor’s information privacy concerns.
2. Access large visitor database remotely with our visitor management solution.
You can use visitor management software to seamlessly manage and securely store the legal documents that visitors need to sign before they enter the office. B. NDA, contract, etc.
3. Create a modern guest experience with the visitor tracking software.
Creating a first class impression for your visitors when they arrive is an important aspect. Right from the point the visitor steps inside the office campus till they leave, creates a positive impact.

4. Save your time by digitizing your visitor management workflow.
Visitors will proceed through the check-in process more efficiently with the visitor management system. Wave off the old traditional paper-work and incorporate the web based visitor management system.
5. Ease of visitor’s information access.
Easily access guest information with the click of a button. Enhance the visitor management system with the tailored security system that keeps employees and visitors safe.
6. Get rid of increasing vulnerability to theft, kidnapping and other incidents
Track a rich set of analytics about the type of visitors entering your office, when they come, and how long they stay. Get minute-to-minute record of your visitors and avoid risks of theft, kidnapping and other mishaps.

Key features of DAccess Visitor Management System:

Satisfy Your Visitors
DAccess VISITrack has the functionality that helps you to satisfy your Visitors at very first go and ends up with a systematic meeting flow.
Maximize User Contribution
By avoiding traditional approach VISITrack maximizes each end users contribution to the organization success.
Visitor Register
Print your entry pass with the photo of visitor and make the difference. Maintain all visitor records and retrieve it at any point of the time.
Employee Register
Capture the employee information data and their visiting details right before and after their visits.
Online Alerts
Get SMS and emails alert when visitor comes in the premises and for appointment scheduling to visitor and employee both.
Appointment Register
Create a professional approach for handling appointments of employees without missing any important message.

Benefits of Visitor Management System:

1. Issue visitor pass immediately
Grant your visitor a unique visitor pass to walk-in through your security gate with no hassle.
2. Suitable for low cost visitor pass
Invest less and secure more. Handle large amounts of visitor data and even handle pre-scheduled or unscheduled visits with our electronic visitor management system.
3. Smooth operation while large turnover of visitors
With the digitally monitored visitor management system, track your visitors on the go with hassle-free work and operate smoothly.
4. Improves security
Visitor management system is the first line of defence against unwanted and potentially dangerous visitors.
5. Information - single click away
It provides an opportunity for visitors to digitally view and capture important information before completing the check-in process.
6. Easy integration with other systems
For long-term control on the market, it is important to consider integration with other solutions. For visitor management solutions, the ability to integrate with access control and watch lists can be enhanced for security purposes.
7. Customizable to suit client requirement / environment
A visitor management solution enables a fast check-in experience. Creates a unique first impression for visitors, with fast and efficient user experiences.
8. Capture detailed reporting of your visitors during check-in and check-out
Detailed visitor reports provide companies with visual insights to help improve role function within the organization. Reports regarding: visitor type, entry time, departure time, visitor name and access.

DAccess’s best visitor management system helps key decision makers identify which visitor management features are essential to their business. Our Visitor Management System can handle large amounts of visitor data and even handle pre-scheduled or unscheduled visits; we manage your visitor traffic quickly and efficiently thereby rendering a powerful and centralized security system with advanced database management features.
Efficiently and professionally greet guests while controlling who comes in and maximize control over users accessing the facility. A visitor management system by DAccess Security Systems is something that you should take time to explore.

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