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  • CCTV Surveillance System

    DACCESS offers a plethora of superior quality CCTV and surveillance systems to secure your Buildings, Offices, and Homes..

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  • Biometric System

    DACCESS is a leading provider of biometric hardware and software systems with improved security, efficiency and high performance identity management..

    Model 2
  • Wireless Fire Alarm System

    We deploy the most optimum fire alarm system for your infrastructure and premises and keep it safe on a 24X7 basis..

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  • Building Automation System

    We deploy building automation systems for infrastructures of various magnitudes and sizes..

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  • Guard Tour System

    We are the industry leader in tools for security management and security guard monitoring...

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  • Visitor Management System

    Our visitor management system can handle large amounts of visitor data and even handle pre-scheduled or unscheduled visits..

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  • Parking Management System

    A Parking Management System delivers intelligent parking programs and solutions for drivers..

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  • Vehicle Tracking System

    Vehicle Tracking System designed and developed by DAccess deliver live and real-time tracking solutions..

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  • Canteen Management System

    CMS provides a friendly User Interface for numerous food outlets, menu design, billing features and lots more..

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business security solution

How Does Security Surveillance Technology Help Businesses?

Security cameras, access control systems and alarms work together to protect your business when it comes to company’s security and safety. A commercial security system is a crucial part for any business and it shouldn’t be compromised. The pandemic situation has now come at ease. Workforce is heading back to offices. It’s time to think about the safety and security of your commercial spaces. Safeguarding your business, employees, revenue, and business technology, should be a top priority. Companies suffer significant losses from employee theft and shoplifting every year. Don’t let your business fall as a prey to such situations. Install security systems solutions by DAccess-Digital Access Control System is a leading provider of state-of-the-art security systems that are custom designed to prevent any unauthorized access and monitor critical entry points.

How important is a security system for a business?

Security is paramount to all businesses to protect them from physical and cyber threats. If you are a business owner, you need to consider certain critical reasons from security professionals for implementing security measures.
1. Data Security:
A security system is essential to a business owner as the personal information and employee personal information can be protected from breaches that could expose personal information to theft.
2. Safeguard your multi-site business from theft and vandalism:
With a poor security system, burglars or thieves can easily breach in the office space and that may result into theft. Deter crimes before they happen and keep your office staff safe with convenient monitoring and alarm services.
3. Protect your employees and clients:
Security breach by thieves and dacoits can risk lives of your employees and clients. DAccess security gate access control systems can help create a safer environment for employees and enforces the policies they set.

Benefits of installing DAccess access control security system:

The office contains electronics, documents, devices, furniture, and most importantly, people. All of these need to be protected. Security is important and security systems solutions give you more options. Installing a high-quality security system benefits both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large businesses. Let’s explore the seven main benefits of installing and maintaining a business or organization security system.
1. Security Cameras Foster Overall Safety.
Security cameras located throughout the business help prevent crime and robbery. Businesses are four times more likely to be robbed than homes. When you connect to your security camera via Wi-Fi, you can access your camera from anywhere so you can remotely see and record what's happening in your office.
2. Get Rid of Theft and Vandalism.
One of the most important reasons to set up a security system, such as surveillance cameras, automatic locks, motion sensors, security gate access control systems to restricted areas, is the ability to prevent theft.
3. Improving Safety of the Business Property.
One of the top priorities as a business owner is to secure the company's assets. Safety features such as cameras, fire alarms; smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms help protect your property as well as the clients, customers and employees who make your business successful.
4. Insurance Savings.
Save your insurance savings by installing a high-end security system that helps reduce the risk of theft, damage, vandalism and accidents.
5. Increased Control
You can trace and track access to your facility by employees and guests. You can also add features such as biometric access control system, face recognition attendance system, and biometric attendance management system to further enhance your office security.
6. Helpful for Multi-site Business Security
By connecting the wireless access control for your office security system, you can gain remote access, visibility, and control of office security from a centralized dashboard. The interaction of the components improves the security of the office.
7. Improves Security for Customers and Employees in the Vicinity.
Video surveillance cameras protect employees directly and indirectly. Installed outside a company parking lot or building, it can record suspicious activity and allow company security guards and others to safely drive their employees.
8. Truly Cost-Effective and Scalable
Video surveillance is affordable and scalable. As your business grows, it's easy and cheap to add and integrate cameras into your established network.
9. Maintain a Record of All Activities In Your Business
Wave off the old ways of maintaining attendance register. Access control security systems indirectly protects employees by monitoring all visitors entering the building and keeping a video record of their activities.

10. Helps to Avoid Fire Breakout and Other Damaging Conditions
Smoke detection system, carbon monoxide, and commercial fire alarm system help for early warning of dangerous or harmful conditions. One can safeguard both the employees as well as the assets.

One of the greatest fears of any business is to be sued. Whether there is an accident, injury, harassment, or other legal issue in the field, video evidence can prove what actually happened. The better your security system is, the less likely you are to lose revenue and the less likely your business will be compromised.
In our experience, each business has different goals when it comes to investing in security systems. DAccess Security Systems can meet a wide range of security needs and objectives for your business property.

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