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  • CCTV Surveillance System

    DACCESS offers a plethora of superior quality CCTV and surveillance systems to secure your Buildings, Offices, and Homes..

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  • Biometric System

    DACCESS is a leading provider of biometric hardware and software systems with improved security, efficiency and high performance identity management..

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  • Wireless Fire Alarm System

    We deploy the most optimum fire alarm system for your infrastructure and premises and keep it safe on a 24X7 basis..

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  • Building Automation System

    We deploy building automation systems for infrastructures of various magnitudes and sizes..

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  • Guard Tour System

    We are the industry leader in tools for security management and security guard monitoring...

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  • Visitor Management System

    Our visitor management system can handle large amounts of visitor data and even handle pre-scheduled or unscheduled visits..

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  • Parking Management System

    A Parking Management System delivers intelligent parking programs and solutions for drivers..

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  • Vehicle Tracking System

    Vehicle Tracking System designed and developed by DAccess deliver live and real-time tracking solutions..

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  • Canteen Management System

    CMS provides a friendly User Interface for numerous food outlets, menu design, billing features and lots more..

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business security solution

Best Ways to Monitor Security for Multi-Site Businesses

Managing your business in multiple locations globally can ultimately pose security challenges. You need to monitor the entry and exit of visitors and employees, as well as inventory, asset, and customer security across multiple locations for a multi-site business. Every company wants to create a safer environment for its employees, customers and visitors. Managing multiple locations can be a daunting task without a robust security system. With a security system, you can rest assured that you can remotely monitor your business location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any device with phone or internet access.
DAccess (Digital Access Control Security System) is a leading provider of state-of-the-art security systems solutions that are custom designed to prevent any unauthorised access and monitor critical entry points. We offer highly automated systems and software’s that keep you safe at all times. Our line-up of custom designed products include electronic security cameras, wireless security system, security metal detectors, access control security systems, Entrance automation, flap barrier, boom barrier , CCTV surveillance Systems, fire alarm systems and office automation and 3-D face recognition attendance software. Security data needs to be visible at both headquarters and regional offices. Local sites require timely security intelligence to address issues in real time, but businesses need to maintain a high level of control across all operations. Businesses with multiple locations have wide and arduous security requirements.

3 steps to managing multiple locations easier:

1. Start with installing the right Access Control System
An access control security system can limit or allow to granting the right people access to the right places, at the right times.
Things to consider if you are thinking about installing an access control system:
  • The number of people who need access to the security system
  • Tailored security system as per your business
2. Utilizing the Wireless Access Control System
Wireless Access Control System gives you the privilege to manage your security system with the help of an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
This security system helps you to:
  • Remotely arm or disarm the burglar alarm
  • Control locking system for employees or visitors
  • Track live footages across multiple security cameras at once
3. Use the standard technology in multiple locations
Save a lot of time and hassle by configuring cameras, sensors, and other security systems once and for all across all your business locations. Partner with the professional access control system company to get a standardized security system.

Secure your multi-site business with the help of DAccess security solutions:

1. Biometric Access Control System:
Biometric access control is one of the prominent types of security systems on the market and for good reason. It combines security and convenience in ways that other access control systems cannot. Ease your biometric attendance management system with this technology.
2. Wireless Access Control System:
Biometric access control is one of the prominent types of security systems on the market and for good reason. It combines security and convenience in ways that other access control systems cannot. Ease your biometric attendance management system with this technology.
3. Security Gate Access Control Systems:
Security gate access control manages access to and from gate properties. This allows tenants and authorized visitors to enter your property while restricting unauthorized access. With this security system you can restrict unauthorised or property breach and enhance entrance automation
4. Face Recognition Attendance System:
A facial recognition attendance system uses facial recognition techniques to identify and verify a person and automatically mark their presence. Get contactless technology that requires no human interaction with the machine. One can also monitor attendance with the help of face recognition and attendance system.
5. Commercial Fire Alarm System:
Personnel safety must be every business’s number one priority. Commercial fire alarm systems protect buildings from hazards like fire, carbon monoxide, external threats, and more. With their faster detection speed one can notify everyone who is potentially involved.
6. Smoke Detection System:
This system uses devices that react to smoke particles produced by a fire. A properly installed smoke detector can detect smoke particles in the early stages of a fire in the area where the smoke detector is installed.
7. Vehicle Tracking System:
Vehicle Tracking Systems designed and developed by DAccess deliver live and real-time tracking solutions with accurate GPS tracking. Smart-phones having highly detailed map locations, motion sensors, immobilization technology, SMS/Email Alerts, Route Deviation Alerts, Tracking Reports and other prominent features are present in this vehicle location tracker.
8. CCTV Surveillance System Suppliers:
Businesses that have physical locations yet no surveillance cameras are at risk! CCTV surveillance system offers the most optimum solution for indoor as well as outdoor surveillance.

There are many things to consider when managing a multi-site business. Not only do we need to monitor employee performance, but employee safety is also a top priority. With DAccess Security Systems you need not worry about security systems and other risks. DAccess Security System is your one-stop solution to all the multi-site security solutions that monitors and stores information for all sites in one place.

Explore DAccess Security Systems for all your multi-site business security solutions. Check out our product features and benefits, or feel free to get in touch with our representatives for a deep-dive about safety and security systems.

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